Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EDU Beeclip

EDU Beeclip is a platform for student work that requires pictures, videos and text.  It's a fairly new tool (as of 5/31/12) so I only found one video that explains how to use EDU Beeclip but there was also information posted on blogs and wikis.    There are a few version of Beeclip.  The general Beeclip is for individual users who want to make virtual scrapbooks.  EDU Beeclip can be used for classes.  The free version allows for 3 projects and 30 students.  The students can also edit each other's work through the tool.  It is password protected so only the teachers and students can view the work.  Students can pull pictures from Google, videos from You Tube or use any of their own clips and pictures for their scrapbooks.

A few blogs on BeeClip:

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