Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Popplet and Technology Standards

Popplet is a great way to present information and organize ideas in an engaging and visual way.  The standards that Popplet covers involve digital citizenship, enhance learning, collaboration, and expression.  Students will take proper care of the equipment while working on collaborative projects and assignments.  They also have to be mindful of others while working together.  It is also important the students understand that they keep their passwords secret and do not post their work publicly.  Popplet can also enhance student learning.  Students already use thinking maps to organize their ideas, but this tool takes it to the next level.  They can include pictures, drawing and videos to make it more visual and easier to understand.  The students can work together using the collaborator icon.  They can each be at the link at the same time while working on the Popplet.  The students are also able to be more expressive of their thoughts and ideas.  They can describe, assess or reflect on their learning using Popplet in a creative and engaging way.  

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