Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I just came across Voki which is a tool that allows users to create an avatar to post their thoughts using their own voice.  To record your own voice, there is are phone and microphone options but you can also type to text or upload a file.  Students can use this to respond to discussion questions or tell what they learned about a topic.  A teacher can create a classroom for the students and each student can personalize their avatar.  I think the students would really enjoy this aspect!  The Voki posts can also be connected to blogs like on Blogger.  I like Voki because it allows students who are not speedy on the keyboard to publish their thoughts.  It seems pretty user friendly and my 4th graders could definitely figure it out.


In regards to technology standards, this Web 2.0 tool covers many standards.  The tool helps with improving communication, and the students can use the tool in and out of school.  It also helps the students to express their ideas.  They can go back and edit and revise their Voki so that their end product meets the class objective.  Voki can also enhance student learning.  They can assess their learning in the class as a formative assessment, explain how it can support their learning, and use the tool to reflect on what they learned.


  1. Voki is a nice tool because it is so easy. I think it can be motivating for students, especially to get them to write in a script format--as long as it is not overused. Fortunately, because it is so easy, it doesn't require you to use it 10 times before your students get the hang of it.

    I wonder if you could change your font on this blog. Maybe it's just me, but I find that font really hard to read.

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