Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Popplet Examples

I created a few examples in Popplet.  The first would be like a bubble map to describe a character, in this case it's describing me.

You can insert pictures from Flikr, videos from you tube, draw or write in the Popplet and upload files from your computer into the Popplet.

This next example is a food chain which my fourth graders create in class.  This would be similar to a flow map showing sequencing.  The first Popplet is a food chain song from you tube.

Students can also work on their Popplets together.  There is a collaboration icon to connect the students by sending the link through email.  This would be a good feature in a distance learning class if you are working on a project with a partner that can't meet face to face.

I like that you can share the Popplets with others using Facebook, Twitter, etc but you don't have control over who views them.  I think sharing the link with the collaborator icon would be safer for students.  Blogger wasn't one of the options so I was not able to embed the Popplet into my post.  If students are handing this in as a project or assignment, students could just add their teacher's school email as a collaborator.  The teacher just has to make sure not to change the Popplet since it is still able to be edited.    The teacher can then choose presentation mode to view the Popplet.


  1. Students can work together. Students videos from you tube or draw and write in the Popplet and upload files into Popplet. I would love a demonstration from Stephaie.

  2. I especially like that students can work either independently or in small groups.

  3. I like this. It can be use various ways for different subjects.