Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to create and embed Vokis

This first video explains how to create your own Voki. This video goes further and shows you how to embed the Voki into your blog. If you just need to watch the blog section, start the video at 1:47mins. The video was created by two young boys, showing this is a very user-friendly site. Unfortunately I was unable to find out how to embed Vokis into Blogger comments. You can only embed in posts.


  1. Where are these kids from? When saying the URL of blogger, they said "dub dub dub" instead of "double-u double-u double-u." I love that abbreviation, much easier to say.

  2. After searching around, they are in Napier, New Zealand. We can try and start the trend in the US!

  3. They also say "zed" instead of saying Z and "hech" instead of H. It took a bit of adjusting for me when I was student teaching there!